What We Do

BEST-Dialogue (formerly known as BEST-AC) is a programme that gives grants to Tanzanian membership organisations from the business sector. Such an organisation could be an association of farmers, miners, or tour operators, for example. Grants can help these organisations to receive training, or carry out research, so that they can help identify factors that make doing business difficult. Grantees present these factors to government with proposals for policies to help improve the business environment. Since it was established in 2004, BEST-Dialogue has supported over 34 private sector organisations (PSOs), or business associations, conducting this kind of advocacy work.

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Why We Do It

The private sector has expanded over the years, but more change is needed as the global economy gets more competitive. In June 2016, Tanzania ranked at number 132 out of 190 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, having climbed 7 places since the previous year. Neighboring Rwanda ranked at number 56, having climbed 6 places.

From the micro-entrepreneurs to the big corporations in Tanzania, the private sector faces barriers such as: poor power supply, poor roads, numerous and costly permits, and high taxation. If doing business were simpler, more businesses would be able to grow and even create jobs and this would result in a better economy for many Tanzanians.



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