BEST-Dialogue Code of Ethics

Why we have a Code of Ethics
At BEST-Dialogue, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and building a culture of credibility and integrity, respect for others, transparency and creating sustainable impact. All of these core values are fundamental requirements to achieve our goal to help making the business environment in Tanzania more conducive to sustainable private sector growth through an inclusive and effective public-private dialogue.

We recognise our obligations to all those with whom we deal – donors, grantees, employees, business associates, suppliers, the private sector in general, government, media and the wider community. Their trust and confidence in BEST-Dialogue is essential to our reputation and success, and our joint endeavours. It is therefore important that we always keep in mind that performance is measured not only by the results achieved, but as importantly how they are achieved.

The Code is intended to help us put our values and principles into action in our everyday work and to pave the way to deliver on our aspiration: “Doing business, let’s make it easy – and fair”.

Our Employees – Workplace Integrity
BEST-Dialogue aims to create a positive, inclusive and responsible working environment where everyone feels motivated and we help each other to succeed. The relationship with our employees is based on respect, dignity and fairness. We communicate in an honest and open way that encourages a two-way dialogue and teamwork.

Our External Stakeholders – Business Integrity
BEST-Dialogue’s strength and success depends on our reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner. We protect our integrity and credibility by showing zero tolerance towards corruption in all its forms.

Corruption is defined as the misuse of entrusted power for private gain. It does not exclusively involve money changing hands but may also include providing services to gain advantages such as favourable treatment, special protection, extra services or quicker case processing.

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility
In BEST-Dialogue we are committed to integrating social, environmental and business ethics concerns in our external projects as well as in our internal business processes. Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do every single day. In our programme, special attention is paid to these activities.

Responsibilities & Reporting Non-Compliance
Essential for living out our core values and safeguarding our reputation is to put actions behind words, so adherence to the provisions of this Code is a condition of employment.

To equip our employees to comply with the Code, they will receive training and guidance on the ethical behaviour that is expected of them and the core values that underpin it. We continuously strive to create an environment that encourages open dialogue about ethical concerns and dilemmas.

Further information
All ethical principles are described in more detail in the full version of the Code which is available on the attachments below. If you have any questions to the Code, you are welcome to contact us.

BEST-Dialogue Code of Ethics – Resume (0.1MB)
BEST-Dialogue Code of Ethics – Brochure (0.9MB)