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“We have found that if you provide proper evidence to back up your requests, the Government is ready to listen.” — Christine Kilindu, Executive Director, Confederation of Tanzania Industries

Research reports form an essential part of the advocacy process. Downloadable research reports and other useful publications are listed below. These have been used by private sector organisations in their dialogue with government.

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The need to speed up implementation of the Construction Industry Policy

Published on: June, 2017       TACECA

Tanzania adopted the Construction Industry Policy (CIP) in 2003 and implementation guidelines were issued in 2006. However, very little of the policy’s content was implemented. In 2016 a revised CIP was issued and circulated amongst stakeholders for further review and to date, the final version that is to be implemented has not been released.

Political Economic Analysis – 2016

Published on: May, 2017       TPSF

For the last two decades, Tanzania has attracted unprecedented levels of local and foreign direct investment (FDI). This strong performance has been attributed to the country’s pro-market economic reforms.
The report will also be available for download and viewing on the TPSF website.

BEST-Dialogue Annual Report 2015 -2016 (Annex)

Published on: March, 2017       BEST-Dialogue

BEST-Dialogue monitors activity and progress of all the projects that it manages. In the case of support for private sector organisations, it requests that all those in receipt of grant support should submit quarterly reports. They all complete a standard report and the results are collated into a database to ease reporting. This annex sets out the achievements in detail against the targets.

BEST-Dialogue Annual Report 2015 – 2016

Published on: March, 2017       BEST-Dialogue

BEST-Dialogue’s purpose is to build the capacity of private sector organisations (PSO) so that they are well-informed and thus able to engage effectively in public private dialogue and to influence reform of public policy to improve the business enabling environment. PSOs are most effective when they can identify issues that inhibit private sector growth and job creation, when they can support public officials by providing detailed and objective research evidence, when they can articulate and effectively communicate compelling proposals to reform public policy and when they can persuade the private sector of the merit of specific public policies.

How tourism is heavily taxed

Published on: December, 2016       The Citizen

2016 is approaching the end with many challenges facing tourism but tour operators will quickly remember the introduction of the Value-Added Tax (VAT) as the issue of the year in the sector. The government announced the new 18 per cent VAT on tourism services during the National Budget tabling in June and became effective in July.