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“We have found that if you provide proper evidence to back up your requests, the Government is ready to listen.” — Christine Kilindu, Executive Director, Confederation of Tanzania Industries

Research reports form an essential part of the advocacy process. Downloadable research reports and other useful publications are listed below. These have been used by private sector organisations in their dialogue with the government.

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Africa-to-Africa Investment: a first look

Published on: October, 2018       African Development Bank Group

Africa-to-Africa Investment: a first look’ aims to take the conversation on investing in the continent one step further. It is the first attempt to showcase how African companies and policymakers are driving investments in Africa and what more can be done moving ahead.
To start to plug the data gap on intra-African investments, the report takes a look at the dynamics behind African investment from the point of view of leading African companies. It shares key lessons and experiences to offer practical solutions for the region’s investors.

BEST-Dialogue Annual Report 2016-2017

Published on: February, 2018       BEST-Dialogue

This Annual Report of BEST-Dialogue of the five-year support to private sector organizations (PSOs) to engage government to improve the business environment reports the program activities, results, and lessons learned from July 2016 to June 2017.

Tax Administrative Burdens in the Tourism Sector in Zanzibar

Published on: October, 2017       Deogratius Mahangila and Wineaster Anderson

The shortage of literature regarding the tax administration burden, particularly in the hospitality and tourism sector in the context of least developed countries, still exists. This study, therefore, investigates the tax administration burden in the tourism sector in the Zanzibar Islands.

The State of Counterfeit Goods in Tanzania

Published on: October, 2017       Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI)

The main objective of the study was to document the current status of counterfeiting and counterfeit (not to be confused with substandard) goods in Tanzania, through the voices of consumers, manufacturers, key informants and (Multinational) Trade Mark owners and how this illicit trade affects the country and its citizens. In 2015 and early 2016 both primary and secondary data sources were used in the research and primary data sources were utilised through numerous eld studies and in-depth case studies The overall findings, conclusions and recommendations of the study are outlined below and are based on the data collected in 2015 and early 2016

The dialogue and advocacy initiatives for reforming the business environment of the tourism and hospitality sector in Tanzania

Published on: September, 2017      

This paper aims to investigate the nature of the public–private dialogue (PPD) initiatives and how PPDs are being used in the tourism and hospitality sector as the tool for reforming the business environment (e.g. set policy priorities, inform policy design, improve legislative proposals and incorporate feedback into regulatory implementation).