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“We have found that if you provide proper evidence to back up your requests, the Government is ready to listen.” — Christine Kilindu, Executive Director, Confederation of Tanzania Industries

Research reports form an essential part of the advocacy process. Downloadable research reports and other useful publications are listed below. These have been used by private sector organisations in their dialogue with the government.

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The State of Counterfeit Goods in Tanzania – Position Paper

Published on: August, 2017       Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI)

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) report on Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods: Mapping the Economic Impact claims that the value of imported fake goods worldwide was estimated to be around USD 460 billion in 2013, or around 2.5 percent of current global imports.

Tanzania port authority wharfage charging system implication, and affects to port users

Published on: August, 2017       Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI)

Following the economic transformation in early 1992s the economic activities increased which lead to in ux of trade and traf c through the Dar es Salaam Port. As a result the Port’s existing facilities could not support the increased trade and the performance of port started to deteriorate gradually. The deterioration of the Tanzania’s ports especially the port of Dar es Salaam at the mid 2000’s resulted into long delays at anchorage, operations necessary to consignment (dwell time), corruption and high cost of wharfage as compared to other competitor ports. Moreover, its wharfage charges was found to be comparatively higher than its competing ports because wharfage charges are based on CIF (ad valorem system) thus affecting the importation and production costs for Tanzania Producers.

BEST-Dialogue brochure 2017

Published on: June, 2017       BEST-Dialogue

BEST-Dialogue’s purpose is to build the capacity of private sector organisations (PSO) so that they are well-informed and thus able to engage effectively in public-private dialogue and public policy advocacy.

How Wharfage charging system affects Port users in Tanzania

Published on: June, 2017       Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI)

Basing on this background, the Confederation of Tanzania Industries in collaboration with BEST-Dialogue conducted an advocacy study in 2016/17 and therefore has prepared this advocacy report on wharfage charging procedures of TPA to in uence the changes/reforms by the government.

The need to speed up implementation of the Construction Industry Policy

Published on: June, 2017       TACECA

Tanzania adopted the Construction Industry Policy (CIP) in 2003 and implementation guidelines were issued in 2006. However, very little of the policy’s content was implemented. In 2016 a revised CIP was issued and circulated amongst stakeholders for further review and to date, the final version that is to be implemented has not been released.