Who is eligible for a grant?

Type of organisation:
You must be a business membership organisation, or trade association to qualify for a grant. Examples of these organisations are: Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ZNCCIA), Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) and Tanzania Association of Consultants (TACO).
Applicants should be seeking to promote changes in taxes, levies or regulations that are within government control.

Type of grants available:

  • Funding research for advocacy proposals for issues that negatively affect business
  • Increasing the capacity of your organisation to carry out advocacy projects (e.g. funding the hire of advocacy staff)
  • Strengthening your organisation through training and mentoring
  • Using media channels to raise public awareness about the challenges facing business


Business requirements
You need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered in Tanzania
  • Have a constitution
  • Have a bank account in your organisation’s name
  • Must demonstrate the ability to carry out the project


Examples of grant recipients
For further details on the organisations that have received grants, together with the issues they addressed.