How to get a Grant

Who can apply for a BEST-Dialogue grant?
BEST-Dialogue seeks to assist business membership organisations and other organisations with an interest in business environment reform. With our support, organisations present evidence to influence government and public opinion, which results in changing policy for the better. This is called advocacy.

Organisations that have identified issues that make doing business difficult and wish to seek support to advocate for change.

Formal requirements of organisations include the following:

  • Registration in Tanzania
  • Constitution with independent overseeing body
  • Electronic administrative and finance systems
  • Bank account in the organisation’s name
  • Audited accounts, this is a requirement for grants above USD 30,000
  • Sufficient capacity to implement the project (good governance within the organisation, for example.)

Types of grants
BEST-Dialogue manages four types of grants:

  1. Micro-Project Grants – a rapid response to meet urgent advocacy opportunities or emergencies.
  2. Pre-Project Grants – we provide professional assistance to help you develop a better objective for an advocacy project you wish to carry out.
  3. Advocacy Project Grants – our main grant, used to support advocacy and dialogue with clearly defined objectives for improving the business environment.
  4. Institutional Grants – we support your organisation to carry out dialogue, this could be through hiring specific staff. Apex Block Grants also fall under this category; these allow for continuous engagement and full time sustained dialogue activities.

How to apply
The first step in receiving any type of grant from BEST-Dialogue is for an organisation to fill in an Expression of Interest form. This provides general information about the organisation and also about the issue the applicant wants to advocate for in the form of a concept note. The information provided will help BEST-Dialogue to assess your organisation’s application and to avoid filling in lengthy forms. If your request is successful, we will then send you the application form that best meets the needs of your proposed project. A due diligence checklist determines whether an organisation that applies for an advocacy grant from BEST-Dialogue is established according to Tanzanian laws and regulations. It also assesses whether the organisation has the capacity, and financial and administrative systems, to carry out the project according to an acceptable standard. All data concerning the organisation’s application will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and will not be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the organisation. Both parties are required to sign the checklist.

Interested? Download an Expression of Interest form, complete it and send it to us at

Has your Expression of Interest been successful? If so, the following downloads provide useful information on how to fill in a specific application in order to receive a grant. Which grant will my organisation receive? Don’t worry, BEST-Dialogue will send you the correct application form according to your organisation’s needs.