New Knowledge Management and Sharing Hub

Research and Knowledge Management Hub

We are happy to introduce BEST-Dialogue’s new research and knowledge management hub, which focuses on the way in which business concerns shape public policy. The hub draws on the knowledge generated by the programme and our partners (private sector organisations, universities and the government, for example) to contribute to a broader understanding of business environment reform. BEST-Dialogue develops the capacity to initiate strategic research projects and connect these to other reform and development initiatives. The hub consists of all public research reports, documents and strategies established on the BEST-Dialogue website in Tanzania.

Eight research studies commissioned

The purpose of these studies is to address specific gaps in understanding among the business community regarding the ways in which private sector-led growth can be advanced. This may involve research on how to address specific obstacles, or it may focus on the opportunities for boosting private sector-led growth, which contributes to Tanzania’s social and economic development goals.

Annual “Business Issues” report

The report is produced in collaboration with key organisations, which represent the private business community across all sectors. It provides a consolidation of current business environment assessments. Content drawn from the information hub will be inserted into the report. This will include all public documents produced by us and our funded projects, as well as the literature generated by other organisations. The database, with its associated reports, is located within a group of relevant organisations and is a public, online facility.

Executive Education Programmes

BEST-Dialogue supports the development of reform skills and projects among individuals working in strategic positions in the private and public sectors. Executive education programmes will be developed, established and run by the University of Dar es Salaam Business School. The courses include Business Advocacy and Dialogue and Public Policy for Private Sector Development. These programmes offer education opportunities for businesspeople, as well as public officials, including those working on public policy for private sector development.

Change Agents Club

BEST-Dialogue will also support a selected private sector organisation, tertiary institution or a credible contracted agency to manage a Change Agents Club made up of individuals with a desire to see and contribute to reform. These include senior government champions, sympathetic to business reform. A series of regular events will be provided by the Change Agents Club over the five-year term of the programme, which are aimed at helping members better understand and appreciate the importance of private sector-led growth and the role of an enabling business environment.

Private sector internships

Two private sector internship positions are provided to public servants each year. BEST-Dialogue facilitates opportunities for selected public officials to gain short-term experience in working in the private sector. This experience helps to break down barriers between the sectors and it will help the public officials involved to better understand the issues facing the business community and its representative organisations.

Facilitation and undertaking of strategic research

We build stronger institutions with longer term capacities to initiate and carry out strategic research. To achieve this objective, BEST-Dialogue will fund two research establishments over a five-year period.

Further BEST-dialogue support

A Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Project Officer ensures the programme’s interventions are regularly monitored. The officer ensures that initiatives designed to measure the impact of the programme are regularly and systematically introduced. These will be used to inform and complement work undertaken.