Rice Council of Tanzania

Rice Council of Tanzania,

Visitor address: Chole Road Code 51 First Floor, Dar-es-Salaam.
T: +255 768 699136
E: info@rct.co.tz

Sector category: Agriculture



RCT is the private sector organization that spearheads the development of rice sector in Tanzania. It provides a common platform of all actors in the value chain for the promotion of competitive market-driven system through constructive public private dialogues. The Council was established in 2014 and currently consists of (No of members) that include millers, farmers, input suppliers, traders, service providers, financial institutions, and NGOs across nationwide. The Council provides a range of services to its members such as take part in policy formulation and reforms; provide linkages to like-minded partners; improved horizontal and vertical value chain integration; access to information and knowledge exchange among members.

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