Smallholder Tea Growers Development Trust Fund

Smallholder Tea Growers Development Trust Fund,

Visitor address: Pamba Road, Tetex Building – First Floor, Dar es Salaam.
T: +255 22 212786

Sector category: Agriculture


STDF is the private sector organization entrusted with providing support for the sustainable development of tea industry in Tanzania. The organization strengthens and empowers the organized tea growers to participate commercially and competitively in all stages of value chain. It was established in 2010 and registered under The Trustees Incorporation Act in 2012. The organization currently consists of 18 members from the farmers’ organizations; reaching to 30,000 tea growers from the coastal, southern, northern and lake zones of Tanzania. It provides a range of services to its members such as advocacy and lobbying; capacity building; access to information; provision of loans; fund support and management services.

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