Tanzania Association of Cultural Tourism Organization

Tanzania Association of Cultural Tourism Organization,

Visitor address: TFA Complex, Eso Road, Arusha.
T: +255 737 200 913 | +255 767 074446
E: info@tactotz.org | tacto2000@gmail.com

Sector category: Tourism



TACTO is the umbrella organization aimed at promoting the sustainable development of micro-enterprises in the Tanzanian cultural tourism sector. The association is affiliated with the Government Cultural Tourism Programme (CTP). It oversees the cultural tourism activities and empowers community to be more competitive and financially stable in their businesses. It was established in 2000 and currently consists of 48 members, the cultural tourism enterprises (CTEs) based countrywide. The CTEs involves cultural tour operators, hoteliers, conservation authorities, LGAs and cultural tourism NGOs among others. The association provides a range of services to its members such as advocacy and lobbying; access to information and statistics about cultural tourism and sector developments; capacity building; members’ compliance with professional and ethical standards services; community mobilization to participate in the decision-making process particularly planning, implementation and monitoring government decisions.

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