Tanzania Exporters Association

Tanzania Exporters Association,

Visitor address: Samora Avenue, N.I.C Investment House,
6th Floor, Wing A, Dar es Salaam.
T : +255 732 924 564
E : info@tanexa.com | tanexatanzania@gmail.com

Sector category: Export



TANEXA is the private sector organization aimed at improving the growth and competitiveness of export industry in Tanzania. Its acts as a focal point for coordination and representation of industry matters to the Government. The association was established in 1994 and currently consists of 260 members that include small and large scale agriculture producers; agro processors; spice and mining manufactures and export service providers based in various parts of Tanzania. TANEXA is headquartered in Dar es Salaam and its branches’ at the Tanzanian boarders of Mtukula (Kagera), Sirari (Mara), Igunga (Tabora), Holili (Tanga) and Namanga (Arusha).  The association provides a range of services to its members such as advocacy and lobbing; access to technical and marketing information; knowledge sharing about best trade practices and access to relevant information about foreign markets(Cross Border) through East African Community, Southern African Development Community as well as multilateral arrangements.

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