Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association

Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association,

Visitor address: NaneNane Grounds, House number 20L, Morogoro.
T: +255 763 846 255
E: tgfaoffice@gmail.com

Sector category: Agriculture



TGFA is the member based organization that aims to promote sustainable development in the agriculture value chain by stimulating innovation, trade and industrialization. It brings together agricultural professionals and practitioners to share best practices and engage in effective advocacy with the Government. The organization was established in 2002 and currently consists of 496 members dealing on a range of activities such as farming, livestock, beekeeping and agroforestry. These include farmers groups and cooperatives; organizations; researchers; agronomists; ICT experts; producers; processors; traders and service providers based in various parts of Tanzania. The organization provides a range of services to its members such as access to reliable agri-business advisory services; network and professional expertise linkages; access to information and updates on sector developments; capacity development; and arrangement of quality and affordable agro inputs and machinery.

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