Tanzania Private Sector Foundation

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation,

Visitor address: TPSF Private Sector House, Plot No. 1288 Mwaya Road,
Msasani Peninsula, Dar es Salaam.
T : +255 22 2601913 |+255 22 2601938
E : info@tpsftz.org

Sector category: Business



TPSF is the umbrella body of private sector mandated to improve the business environment for sustainable private sector-led social and economic development in Tanzania.  It is the leading voice that represents the business community, so that they can speak with a common voice and influence public policy. The association was established in 1998 and currently consists of 286 members that include corporate companies, business associations, non state actors and public agencies across nationwide. The association provides a range of services to its members such as platform for dialogue with public sector; business linkages; access to information about business and investment opportunities; take part in local and international exhibitions; networking and knowledge sharing.

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