Tanzania Renewable Energy Association

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association,

Visitor address: Mandela Road, Mabibo External, Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA),
Shopping Arcade 17, Dar es Salaam.
T: +255 784 993755 | 715 993755 | 755 086462
E: info@tarea-tz.org

Sector category: Energy



TAREA is the member based association aimed at promoting the sustainable development of renewable energy in Tanzania Mainland. It advocates for the increased consumption and accessibility of quality renewable energy technologies through best practices and effective public policy. The association was formerly known as the Tanzania Solar Energy Association (TASEA), established in 2000. It consists of 670 members including the business companies, institutions and individuals. The association is headquartered in Dar es Salaam and its branches’ in Mwanza and Arusha.  It provides a range of services to its members and the public such as access to information; facilitate market development of renewable energy technologies; training and public awareness campaigns and knowledge exchange through networking events. TAREA cooperates with renowned universities and vocational training authorities to encourage research and education in the renewable energy sector.

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