Kilimo Kwanza Supplements

Kilimo Kwanza Supplement Issue 12, 2011

Published on: December, 2011       The Guardian

- Grim outlook as climate change nips.
- Turning the tide on climate change.
- Waste to Wealth: Saving forests from depletion.
- Exporters call for new credit guarantee fund.
- Nuisance taxes: Dialogue key to effective abolition.

Kilimo Kwanza Supplement Issue 11, 2011

Published on: November, 2011       The Guardian

- Clove Industry under scrutiny
- Investment in agriculture success well within reach
- Deadly viral disease threaten crops, forests.
- Why agro-incentives fail to attract enough investments.
- Diary sector in the doldrums.
- CTI: Adopt alternative power source to salvage economy.