Policy Briefs

The need to speed up implementation of the Construction Industry Policy

Published on: June, 2017       TACECA

Tanzania adopted the Construction Industry Policy (CIP) in 2003 and implementation guidelines were issued in 2006. However, very little of the policy’s content was implemented. In 2016 a revised CIP was issued and circulated amongst stakeholders for further review and to date, the final version that is to be implemented has not been released.

Need for standard measurement units for timber sales in Mufindi, Njombe and Kilolo Districts

Published on: October, 2015       TCCIA (Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture)

Market-oriented agriculture calls for a competitive and commercial approach to farming. A study has reviewed the units used to measure timber in the Districts of Mufindi, Njombe and Kilolo. The purpose of the study was to gather data to influence Local Government Authorities (LGAs) to develop by-laws with guidelines on how to measure timber so that dealers get more value for the quantities of timber they sell.

Simplifying compliance with regulations in the food processing sector

Published on: October, 2015       CTI (Confederation of Tanzania Industries)

The food-processing sector comprises the largest proportion of manufacturing firms in Tanzania. The Economic Survey data shows that, the sector currently contributes TZS 972 billion to the economy, and it’s entire value chain employs about 3 million people, generating tax revenue of TZS 248 billion in 2013

Evaluation of the Enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act

Published on: November, 2013       TCCIA (Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture)

In response to the lack of compliance with Weights and Measures legislation in Iringa and Njombe, this study was done to evaluate the impact of initiatives meant to create awareness of the regulations. It looks at several factors leading to this lack of compliance, including the Weights and Measures Agency's lack of capacity for enforcement of regulations.

Rationalising the food processing sub sector to make it competitive

Published on: October, 2013       CTI (Confederation of Tanzanian Industries)

- The food processing sub-sector is the largest (34%) of manufacturing industry in Tanzania.
- It is estimated that the food processing sub-sector loses 5,000 direct and 360,000 indirect jobs per annum.
- The regulatory environment in Tanzania is unfriendly to private enterprises compared with other countries.