Policy Briefs

Advocating for effective regulation of the cashew nut industry in Tanzania

Published on: October, 2013       ANSAF (Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum)

This brief seeks to share the findings on the cashew sub-sector and the relationships between stakeholders with the objective of improving the regulatory system and the marketing of this important crop produced by some of the resource poor smallholder farmers.

Need To Enact Law To Guide the Consultancy Industry

Published on: July, 2013       TACO (Tanzania Association of Consultants)

- It is difficult for local consultants to compete with their well-organized counterparts from developed and developing countries

The Need to Create Legal Space For the Ship Tallying Business

Published on: July, 2013       TASHITA (Tanzania Ship Tally Association)

- The law in Tanzania is silent about the ship tallying business.
- Ship tallying is a core business in the shipping industry.
- Ship tallying also serves as a security buffer zone since it verifies the type of cargo which is imported into a country.

Rescuing the clove industry by implementing Zanzibar’s Clove Development Strategy

Published on: July, 2013       ZACPO (Zanzibar Clove Growers Association)

The brief looks at the weaknesses of the clove industry in Zanzibar, and how implementing Zanzibar Clove Development Strategies can improve the situation.

The need of Effective Regulations in Warehouse Receipt System (WRS)

Published on: July, 2013       TGFA (Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association)

In Tanzania, WRS was established to reduce constraints, which hampered the effective marketing of agriculture produce.