Policy Briefs

Enhancing the Sugar Industry Regulatory Framework of Tanzania

Published on: June, 2013       SUGECO (Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneur's Cooperative)

- Tanzania is a sugar deficit country, producing only 57.6% of the total raw sugar demand. The demand gap of 43.4% is met by imports from countries like Brazil and India.
- Tanzania spends approximately USD 132 million annually on sugar importation. The market is not protected enough against imported sugar; Tanzania importation tariff is 0-10%, whereas the East Africa Community external tariff is 25%-100%

Changes in Copyright Laws are Needed for the Music Industry to Grow

Published on: June, 2013       RULU Art

- Success in the creative industries, including the music industry depends on effective copyright laws.
- The Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, 1999 (No.7 of 1999) does not clearly show the role of the police.

Ways to Improve on the Ease of Doing Business Registration and Licensing

Published on: May, 2012       VIBINDO Society

- 2012: Comparing procedures (+days) involved in business registration: Tanzania 12(29), Burundi 9 (14), Rwanda 2 (3), Uganda 16 (36) and Kenya 11 (33)
- 2012: Business registration can only be done manually in Dar es Salaam at the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA).

Recommendations to improve competitiveness in the dairy sector

Published on: February, 2012       TAMPA (Tanzania Milk Processors Association)

- 680,000 dairy cattle with the capacity to produce 1.65 billion litres annually.
- The dairy sub-sector contributes 30% of the livestock GDP.
- 80 % decline in formal milk processing over the last 15 years.

Business Environment from the Bottom Up

Published on: August, 2009       Policy Forum

This brief report provides a picture of the business environment in Tanzania and uses international comparisons. It focuses on the experiences of ordinary Tanzanians.