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Sustainable Public Private Dialogue at Local Governments for Improving Local Economic Development

Published on: March, 2019       HiLINE

“Dialogues” between the public and the private sector is not a new concept in Tanzania. It has been a feature of public life for many years in the country. However, in recent years, there has been a surge in the interest on the Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) between the government, the private sector and international organizations as a means of promoting Local Economic Development (LED). Consequently, Public-Private Dialogues for Local Economic Development involves the process of engaging local stakeholders and local authorities in partnership with national planning agencies and economic development partners to jointly identify, design and implement initiatives (i.e. exploiting the opportunities and resolving the challenges) aimed at stimulating the local economy. This approach is supposed to mark a paradigm shift from the traditional top-down approaches to the all-inclusive bottom-up approach for effective local development.