Alawiya Mohammed

Project Officer

Alawiya has joined the BEST–Dialogue team in July 2018 as a full-time employee. Over a period of 3 years, she already supported the project as a free-lance consultant in the domain of communications. She also worked with radio producer RUKA Company as a communication advisor, particularly on the BEST supported Boresha Biashara radio series that were produced in close cooperation with the private sector. Through her learning experience as a part-timer at BEST-Dialogue, she developed an interest in knowledge and data management.
Previously, Alawiya also worked as an independent communications consultant in the corporate domain, e.g. with the Bagamoyo Ecoenergy project, a large-scale sugarcane investment, and out-growers’ project. Additionally, in the period 2011–2013 she worked with ANSAF, the Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum, where she development extensive knowledge on various agricultural policies and practices as well as the challenge of a balanced smallholder farmers’ inclusion in the economy.
As a professional communication practitioner Alawiya holds a degree in Mass Communication (Public Relations major) from HELP University in Malaysia. She has a good understanding in areas of influencing public policy and citizen engagement, media advocacy, transparency, governance and the development agenda at large.