The importance of the media
An important part of advocacy for BEST-Dialogue is ensuring that a broad audience is informed about public-private dialogue. The more the media covers an issue, the more the public is aware and able to support the discussions about an issue, which in turn makes it a priority for policy makers. Therefore, media coverage forms a key component of BEST-Dialogue grants.

Ruka Juu radio programme
BEST-Dialogue continues to work with FEMINA who are the producers of the Ruka Juu (Jump up!)radio programme. The collaboration ensures that youth are fully informed about opportunities in the agricultural sector. This stimulates dialogue on the key challenges in the sector. Ruka Juu encourages debate and creates awareness on issues that are counterproductive to the ease of doing business. This can include marketing agricultural produce; tariff and non-tariff barriers; and the value of being organised to navigate the market and tax framework. Topics concerning the regulatory framework are addressed by reviewing the impracticality of several laws and regulations. These are highlighted in discussions with farmers and experts who are brought on the show. For more information click here.

Ease of doing business
In response to Tanzania’s poor ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, BEST-Dialogue has engaged the print media to cover factors that have contributed to Tanzania’s weak performance. The Citizen and Mwananchi newspapers ran a series of articles about issues related to the ease of doing business in Tanzania. BEST-Dialogue co-funds a one page supplement every week dealing with this subject. During production, the articles are mentored by an experienced media guru to make sure that only credible and well balanced information reaches the public. Articles published in the Citizen Newspaper are translated into Kiswahili and are also published in the Mwananchi Newspaper. It is hoped that such cooperation will be extended to other print media houses. To read news articles about this, click here.

Kilimo Kwanza
BEST-Dialogue supports the publication of The Guardian newspaper’s Kilimo Kwanza monthly supplement, covering issues in the agricultural sector. These supplements have featured BEST-Dialogue’s partners, the Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT), Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI), Tanzania Milk Processors Association (TAMPA), Tanzania Exporters’ Association (TANEXA) and Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Arusha (TCCIA-Arusha). During the African Green Revolution Forum in Arusha, the Kilimo Kwanza supplement was recognised as the best newspaper on coverage of agricultural issues in East Africa. To read more articles from the Kilimo Kwanza supplement click here.

Investigative Business Environment Reporting Course
This course, which began in 2012, is targeted at young media professionals with an interest in reporting about doing business in Tanzania. It is the result of a collaboration between St. Augustine’s University of Tanzania (SAUT) and BEST-Dialogue. It is designed to improve the way journalists report on the business environment. Participants are encouraged to submit their stories to compete for the Excellence in Journalism Awards, which are run by the Media Council of Tanzania. For more information about the course, please click here.

The Business Leaders’ Perception Report
The Business Leaders’ Perception Report is produced annually and analyses the ease of doing business in Tanzania by interviewing prominent business people and determining factors which hinder business. The media runs with issues which are highlighted each year, including poor power supply, corruption and a lack of infrastructure.