Private Sector Organisations

The following is a list organisations that BEST-Dialogue has worked with, the sectors or industries they represent, and areas they have addressed with BEST Dialogue’s support. Also provided is the contact details for each of the organisation.

AcronymFull Name of Beneficiaries
SUGECOSokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative
ACTAgricultural Council of Tanzania
TACECATanzania Civil Engineering Contractors Association
ANSAFAgricultural Non State Actors Forum
KILICAFEAssociation of Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee Growers
ATEAssociation of Tanzania Employers
CTIConfederation of Tanzania Industries
COCODEICountry Community Development Initiatives
HATHotel Association of Tanzania
VIBINDOJumuiya ya Vikundi vya Biashara Ndogondogo
OFAOrganic Farming Association
RUDIRural Urban Development Initiatives
RULURulu Arts Promoters
STDFSmallholder Tea Growers Development Trust Fund
TACTOTanzanian Association of Cultural Tourism
TAMFITanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions
TATOTanzania Association of Tour Operator
TANEXATanzania Exporters Association
TGFATanzania Graduate Farmers Association
TAHATanzania Horticulture Association
TAMPATanzania Milk Processors Association
TAMUNET Tanzania Musicians Network
TPSFTanzania Private Sector Foundation
TAREATanzania Renewable Energy Association
TASHITATanzania Ship Tally Association
TAWOMATanzania Women Miners Association
TCTTanzania Confederation of Tourism
ZATIZanzibar Association of Tourism Investors
ZAPCOZanzibar Cloves Processing Organisation
ZEXA Zanzibar Export Association
TAOATanzania Air Operators Association
ZNCCIAZanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
RCTRice Council of Tanzania